“SHIELD REEL” The first and only retractable cord for your heated shield/goggles

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A compact light weight durable unit made of industrial grade carbon fiber based resin. That is mounted to your helmet with either a bracket mount (included) or 3m adhesive material. The unit has a retractable cord to plug into your snowmobile. The shield reel gives you direct power to your shield or goggles without the hassle of dangling cords or chances of shorting out your sleds electrical system. When not in use just pull on cord and it retracts neatly into the units housing for safe storage. So no more losing cords, dragging them around or shorting out your sled. Just an easy to use heated shield or goggles cable system for a clear no-nonsense great day of snowmobiling. ALWAYS KNOW WHERE YOUR CORD IS!!!        In some cases it maybe necessary to double up 3m adhesive to conform to helmet.